Professionals Love SOSTAC®

People love SOSTAC® because of its simplicity – it is easy-to-learn and remember forever.

It’s built on logic which helps professionals to make more informed decisions.

A Re-assuring Sense of Order

SOSTAC® delivers order. Managers, boards, investors, partners and clients love a reassuring sense-of-order amidst this chaotic, hyper-competitive, digitally transforming accelerated change.

Constant Improvement

SOSTAC® is structured so that the final section (Control/Metrics’ learnings feed into the next period’s Situation Analysis, which in turn, helps set better Objectives, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

PR Smith's SOSTAC® Diagram

Agile Planning - The Rest of Your Life

SOSTAC® is used to write long term plans, short term plans or agile plans every 90 days.

Once you learn SOSTAC®, professionals tend to use it for the rest of their careers.

SOSTAC® Planning Framework can be used to write business plans, marketing plans, digital plans, operational plans, security plans, even personal plans.


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SOSTAC® Certified Planner

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